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 Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku

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Takato Rutherford
Stigma of the Wind

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PostSubject: Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku   Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:09 pm

Takato flipped backwards off the rooftop, landing upon the earth below with a pained grunt as he summoned sparks of lighting around his form to launch at the attacker. Safe to say, it failed. A single fist smashed deep into the ground, a lean form grinning widely as orange hair flashed through the vicinity. Neku and Takato glared at each other, both letting loose a wave of light with a gesture of their hands. The collision caused a mighty following explosion, windows and cars alike feeling the raw effect with a silent scream. Magi and Memory came to a panted stop opposite each other, hands clenching down by the sides.

Then, it happened.

Blue eyes snapped open, orange hair falling over features as Neku let loose a echoing scream. The very earth and air alike shook, a shock wave expanding outwards over the road and buildings. The Magi stared in awe as a massive build up of light began to come alive around his opponent, a single blade phasing alive between them both. Neku's hand flashed out, taking the short blade as his eyes became a pillar of pure white. In a single sentence, the Rutherford stood no chance.

"Hankyoo, Sukui no Keikaku!" (Echo, Plan of Salvation!)

The Rutherford gave a roar of pain as a sudden blue light wrapped around him, a single hand coming forward from the dust. Yet, just as it looked like the Sakuraba was about to kill him, a small object flew across the destructive field. It was a simple playing card. Neku had no time to react as large dragon-like creature formed within a spiral of red and shadow, a large blast of flames throwing him backwards into a pile of rubble. Crimson streaked hair sprang alive from atop the dragon, a cheeky grin lighting up the area. Kai Blackdragoon gave a wink before holding up his deck of cards, letting loose a single one.

"Inferno Fire Blast!"

Takato suddenly span around and lashed out with his metal hand, his eyes turning slightly blue in the process. Latin streamed over his lips, a hurricane of air rushing around his form.,

"Flans Paries Venti Vertentis!" (Blow Forth, Wall of Churning Wind)

[To be Continued]


OOC: Something I'm doing for teh lulz. A few of my characters fighting each other. Here is the info:

{Takato Rutherford}
Human/Magical Being - "The Stigma of the Wind"
The Magi of Dark Eternity, a single blonde male with the arts at his command. He has the ability to use many a number of special spells, most of which are offensive elemental spells focused around lighting and wind. His physical ability is that of a normal human in the peak of speed and strength, thanks to his metal arm. If worst comes to worst, Takato can call upon a large summon creature or its power to win a battle without straining himself any further. Power Level (Min to Maximum): 800 - 3,200. Threat Level: 5.4/10. Speed: 3/10. Strength: 3/10. Intellect: 7/10. Limit Break: "Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens" and "Quetzalcoatl - Fusion"

{Neku Sakuraba}

Spirit/Shinigami Memory - "Echo of the Screams"
Neku is a strange teen from the Bleach X Omega world, seemingly relaxed and almost bored at times, yet almost creepily wild when needed. He is a user of spiritual energy, being the memory of Kenshin Inuzuri, a Captain-Class Shinigami. Agile, strong and a expert at most styles of hand-to-hand combat, he is a truly dangerous force no matter how he looks. He has full control over Kidou (demon spells) and his unknown Zanpakutou, which can be released with a phrase to make himself extremely stronger. Power Level (Min to Maximum): 4,400 - 16,200. Threat Level: 8.4/10. Speed: 8/10. Strength: 8/10. Intellect: ?/10. Limit Break: "Bankai - ???" and "Hadou 99 - ???"

{Kai Blackdragoon}

Human/Spirit Duelist - "Red Eyes Kai"
The Blackdragoon is a teenager from the Yugioh universe, a user of dragon beasts and a general nexus of all things wild. He has very normal human strength and speed, but he is quite nimble within his use of spirit monster cards. His greatest power is his ability to summon greater dragons to match his opponent, where he could not. Power Level (Min to Maximum): 100 - 1,100. Threat Level: 3.4/10. Speed: 1/10. Strength: 1/10. Intellect: 5/10. Limit Break: "Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon - Summon." and "Five God Dragon."

{Masataka Takayanagi}

Tormented Spirit/Shinigami-Hollow Hybrid - "The Fox"
A man from the Bleach universe, a literal overpowered scientist with a secret smile and the ability to make things die. His strength and speed are off the charts, along his mind being focused and clear. He is a master of Kidou, along with Hollow powers and his very own Zanpakutou, Byakko (Spirit Fox). Within Bankai (Final Release) it has been said he could massacre an entire city, while his Hollow Mask and Kidou would allow him to burn Heaven. Power Level (Min to Maximum): 15,800 - 41,100. Threat Level: 10/10. Speed: 10/10. Strength: 10/10. Intellect: 10/10. Limit Break: "Bankai - Byakko, Yatsuzak." and "Hollow Mask - Pure Hollow State."

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku   Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:07 am


hurry up and get bettah!
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku   Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:48 am

That was reeeeeeeeeeeally cool~

Though I wonder what would make them fight in the first place.

...And for some reason it made me wonder how/if Reimi and Ima would get along. XD

...I also completely forgot about Bleach X Omega. I should go check it out sometime...

Get well soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku   Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:42 am

psh, it just takes one little thing to piss off Masataka. Neku's reason would be if anyone tried to hurt his gang (especially Reimi i think). Kai.........uhhh.......his friends Zeiya and Shuho? |D as for Takato, it would be Ima as well as his friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku   

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Battle Royal: Takato - Masataka - Kenshin - Kai - Neku
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