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 Heiyo Tatikachi

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Heiyo Tatikachi


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PostSubject: Heiyo Tatikachi   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:55 am

Name: Heiyo Tatikachi

Race: Viazard

Specialize: Strength, sword, Reiryoku:

Age: 17

Real Age: 300

Love Intrest:

Relationships: None atm

Personality: cold, only cares about getting stronger



Talents: His Zanpoktu revolves around a very ancient very dark dragon, the name Astaroth in the words of demonology literally means demon prince. He wields exotic two hand weapons or duel weilds single handed exotic weapons with expertise.


History: Heiyo remembers nothing about his life before Soul Society. Infact he barely had a life in soul society. After being mad a Shinigami Heiyo disappeared into hidding for several years. he showed a few times during the war with the quincys but for nothing else. Before his Shinigami days he roamed the streets of the slums fighting off gangs, thugs, punks, anyone or anything who wanted to harm him for sheer pleasure or profit. Heiyo has always felt a dark presense over himself for as long as he can remember. This presense he beleaves was his Zanpoktu calling out to him trying to gang his attention so the spirit could be released... Heiyo fears reelasing the bankai of his blade unsure what his partner may do.

Zanpakutô Name: Astaroth

Zanpakutô Spirit: Astaroth

Zanpakutô Release Phrase: Rise from your hellish throne, ASTAROTH!

Zanpakutô Shikai:

The chains on Heiyos Shikai serve as both a ranged weapon and deffensive. If an enemy gets to close Heiyo merely needs only wrap the chains along his forearms and he may protect himself. He refers to the two chains and hooks as Astarots Fangs.

Tamashii Karitorimasu Dageki- This attack holds two effects, the first is focusing reaitsu into the hooks of the chains charging them with a slight shock that stuns the opponent temporaily allowing for the second abiity to be used. Astarots true ability is shadow flames, fires of hell, in this second effect the chains an hooks are engulfed in the black crimson blaze that Astarot controls, if the hooks should penetrate and opponent they are slightly drained of energy which is then added to Astarot forcing his flames to burn darker and allowing his attacks to be more damaging. If Heiyo strike without draining energy from an opponent the attack can still prove dangerous but not fatal unless Heiyo himself pours emense amounts of Reiatsu into the weapon. Too many blows with the second effect however may cause sluggish reaction time. (Both effects sort of tie into one another if using the second effect of this ability it slows the opponent slightly unlike with the first effect it will stop them completely but only momentarily)

Soutei Haji Jigoku - Using large amounts of spiritual energy Heyio wraps his opponent with one hook and chain engulfing him within his black flames which deal damage and then strikes out with the second hook. The binds of the chain can be broken by most high level Kidou but raw body strength will not break the binds. Can be out run by higher levels of Shunpo but again cannot be broken by by bodily strength alone or Spiritual pressure increase.

Increased Strength and Reiryoku- Increase strength and Reiryoku... kinda self explanitory lol

Naraku Gogyou Arashi - The Hellfire Tempest... in a last ditch effort in this form Heiyo engulfs himself and his blades in Astaroth's fire. The form lasts for up to 3 minutes but pushing to those limits may cause fatal damage to Heiyo so he's yet to truely test it. Heiyo enters a beserked state the flames rippling out in an aura causing damage and scorching the land. Heiyos attacks become stronger where as opposed to feeling the stroke of one blade it may feel as if ten were driving into the opponent. It comes at a cost however. for the damage Heiyo takes is also magnified. the main strike Heiyo uses is a swirling strike over head his blaldes crossing striking out in a cross formation for maximum damage. though he has used other formations of attacks this is his most common

Bankai: OujiTenma, Astaroth

Jigokukaki Kusari tempest- Heiyo slams his Bankai into the ground launching up twenty shadow flame engulfed chains that respond the same way byakuya petals do, The chains bend and strike at Heiyos whim causing damage and also constricting the opponent for a short period usually only long enough to allow one attack. Unlike the normal chains each link of these chains holds tiny spikes on them. (ability must be used alone because Heiyo sacrafices the ability to use his scythe)

Kurai Wangetsu Tsuki: Jigokukaki Daikaji - A strong blast of reaitsu enfused within Astarots hellfire. The movement for this move has Heiyo striking his scythe down in an upside down arch bringing the scythe threw and firing it from the top putting a back spin to the ability allowing the attack to travel at a high speeds.

Increased speed Max: Boost's speed to double normal means

(Ignore the swords)
Naraku Gogyou Arashi Released:

(not used yet)

Astaroth's Kouki Shukketsu Kashou (Final Bleeding song): Heiyo's physical form completely changes reflecting the sin's of his Zanpakutuo spirit.

(Not used yet)

Vaizard form:
As a Viazard Heiyo gains abilities granted to him normally only accessible to the hollows. He wears mask

Mask Shielding - Bodily harm can seemingly be ignored while wearing the mask, but pain is still felt. An arm cannot be broken or cut off for example, but a slash will still send a shock of pain through said body part.

Power Augmentation - With the acquisition of the mask via the subjugation of ones inner Hollow. A Vizard gains access to a additional and separate source of power, in addition to the Shinigami powers one already possesses.

Cero - A blast of energy. The power, force, speed, color, and blast area of the cero is dependant on the strength of the user (the stronger the user the stronger the attack), and there are Vizard who have come up with their own variation because of this.

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Heiyo Tatikachi
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