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 Neah Valliere

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Neah Valliere

Neah Valliere

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PostSubject: Neah Valliere   Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:38 pm

Name: Neah Valliere

Age: 15

Gender Male

Race: Human - Kitsune Hybrid

Relationships N/A


Personality: Neah has a cold and distant personality he may seem he is paying attention or he is actually conscious but he is really is miles away in his own mind, he has a dark and almost satanic sadistic manner which he will try to disguise most of the time if you ever try to speak to him his attitude towards others are cold and heartless almost as if he has no emotions and rarely fights mostly avoids them if necessary , He doesn't talk much if that has not already been noticed, but he does become shy...

History Not much can be known from Neah's past and not much Neah can remember due to an life threatening injury to the head causing him to obtain permanent amnesia to a point where he can only remember his name and anything that happened after the incident.

Natural Techniques

Flit speed - Because of his Heritage he=is muscles and bones are much more stronger and much moreflexible he is able to Run unbelievably fast speed to a normal human would be a blur

20/20 - Due to his Kitsune Heritage he is able to see more visually and more accurately either slowly looking around of Running with flit speed as if everything was going slow motion

sonic hearing - Thanks to his Kitsune ears his hearing is much more sensitive then a fox's which he is able to hear from far distances if he zones into a specific area but his ears have to be in the open and not hidden

Above advance strength - Neah is much stronger then a human in terms of the velocity of punches with his speed but in general strength he is slightly stronger then a wrestler

Inhuman Balance - Thanks to his tail Neah has inhuman balance to which he can "Almost" never lose balance

Counter/Reflex - With Neah's Vision and speed his Reaction time and reflexes at an extreme high Neah is able to dodge "Most" things and then countering


Hand to Hand combat - Neah is very skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat with his keen sight agileness and impeccable hearing though this is not what he would prefer if in a fight

Expert Twin Weaponry Combat - Neah's Inhuman abilitys are a perfect match for his custom bladed weapons Shadow and Ayame to where he feels perfected when using these custom built blades that merge with the energy he posses

(Ayame has a Hinted Dark Purple blade, and shadow has a hint of dark red and black)


Kitsune Unleashed - This is where Neah's Kitsune blood starts to seep through his skin through anger within a close to death scenario as the blood seeps through the skin it molds into a kitsune fox like Cloak as his whole body is coated in a out of body shell which increases all of his techniques and abilities ten fold of his natural abilities

Corrupted Super - This is Neah's Corrupted transformation which is his second transformation as the cloak become corrupted and black, instead of surrounding his body as a cloak the black corruption merges with the body's cells, ears and tails as the body absorbs the corruption a shockwave of mass energy will erupt from within and surrounding Neah as he transforms, His hair becomes Pure Pitch black and spikes even more as his skin becomes a dull grey color, His eyes change from a simple ruby red to a Violent Purple color with a much more sadistic intent as Dark Red Sparks static around, And increase all of his abilities and techniques even further

Super Form - This is Neah's True second Transformation which is the complete opposite of his corrupted form, to where the cloak merges with his body as a yellow aura before a massive shockwave of energy explodes from within and surrounding Neah, His hair now spikes just as much and is now a gold color (Red streaks are still red) his eyes become more of a Dark green color as the aura surrounding his body is more potent and golden then before which increase all of his abilities and techniques even further

Chaos spear - also known as the Spears of Light is one of Neah's signature moves and a variant of Chaos Control. It is a lightning arrow-head-shaped bolt that is made of Chaos Energy

Chaos Blast - is a variation of Chaos Control. This move was originally designed to be used when his heart was full of evil. However, due to modifications, Neah can now use it without commiting any acts of evil and is only required to charge enough energy, or enter his Kitsune unleashed form. Its appearance is literally a great shockwave of Chaos Energy that destroys all within 20 metres. During the development of this move, Shadow's eyes and stripes begin to glow.

Chaos Control - is a phenomena/ability in which one can warp time and space which has two unique abilities
1. Where the controller of Chaos Control can slow down their surroundings and people in the vicinity of the attack
2. Where the controller can for a brief moment can teleport through time and space to a different location depending how strong their power and skill using this technique is it could range from standing infront of the person infront of you or teleport to the other side of the world.

Chaos Tenshou - At the instant of the slash, Ayame and Shadow absorbs Neah's spiritual energy and releases highly condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blades, magnifying the slash's attack and then flies forward. This slash's takes the form of a two crescent moon or in the shape of a wave crossed together like a X

Chaosian Cannon - The Chaosian Cannon is formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and the Spiritual Energy is concentrated into a single point between the cupped hands (and the hands must be really close), The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy. The blast can also be used, generally under extenuating circumstances with just one arm. In most variants, the user utters the word "chaos-ian-cannon-HA!!!" as he charges and releases the attack.
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Neah Valliere
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