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 Guy Busker

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PostSubject: Guy Busker   Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:31 am

Name: Guy Busker

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 17

Relationships: None

Personality: He's a nice and easy-going guy (no pun intended), but isn't a complete stranger to sarcasm when the time comes. He does have a temper though, and certain things just push him over the edge. It's rare though. Guy is kind to a fault, to the point where it can be ridiculous at times. He is also largely a pacifist, and hates fighting and pain and suffering. Not to mention the fact that he is largely a coward.

He rarely speaks. It's very painful for him to, and when he does it's a very quiet voice. If Guy pushes himself to speak too much he'll cough up blood and possibly pass out. To communicate he usually uses a notepad, uses sign language if the person knows it, or if he trusts the person enough, makes a wish for them to hear his mind's voice instead. Read the parts of his mind that he wants them to read, essentially.

However, it's very unlikely that he's going to get that close to anyone. He's extremely scared of getting too close. Guy also doesn't want people to know about his powers, and will do his best to hide them. If discovered, he usually tries to leave as soon as he can.

Guy also hates people touching his neck, and will do his best to avoid it. He doesn't mind showing it to people or telling them why. Just don't touch please.

Looks: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=943

Guy always wears a scarf or a turtleneck, more often than not both. He also has a fondness for hats, and often wears one if he can. He has dark hair that reaches just past his ears and wears a white turtleneck sweater and jeans, with a long black jacket. Over his neck is a plain white scarf that looks handmade. His sneakers are white and his hat is a tan color, and all his clothes are all rather weathered and well-worn, except for the scarf. Guy's eyes are a light blue. Carries a tan backpack.

Talents: Various street performing talents, sign language, magic tricks, various instruments, running

Techniques: Wish

Guy has one power and one power alone; to make what ever he wishes come true. However, there are a few 'rules' to this power.

One, that he must wish for this thing with his whole heart.

Two, that it can be either thought or spoken, but the latter is immeasurably more powerful than the first.

Three, it must be in the form of 'I wish...'.

And lastly, wishes can never be taken back.

History: He doesn't really talk about it, but if asked, he will tell you that he ran away from home at a young age and has been moving from city to city as a street performer ever since.

Items in Possession: Lighter, pocket knife, harmonica, a picture, and various other things in his backpack. And the backpack itself.
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Guy Busker
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