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 Dark Signer - "X"

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PostSubject: Dark Signer - "X"   Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:08 am

Name: Shane

Nickname: "X"

Title: "The Curse"

Age: 20 (Physically, real age unknown)

Gender: Male

Rank: Dark Signer (Spider)

Duelist Level: Legendary DA duelist

Duelist Style: Standard Solo / turbo hybrid

Home Town: Unknown

Home Country: United States of America

Current Residence: Unknown (Assumed Deceased)

Former Academy Students: Being a member of the legendary group of duelists from the original duel Academy, Shane has a connection with all former members. His old "friends" are his targets, specfically one Seth Drakemore.

Dark Signers: Being a member of the Dark Signers, Shane will stand on their side and fulfill his duties as necessary, though acting on the will of another never has and never will sit well with him. He is sarcastic and one of the more lively of the group. He smirks in the face of combat and seriousness to the point he can come off as annoying to the others, but his skill, knowledge and overall power make him an asset unexpendable to the cause.

Personality: The embodiment of death with a smile, Shane takes great enjoyment in his own acts and the toying of others. His talent is word play, able to strike verbal daggers into the psyche of anyone he sees fit to do so. He is wise cracking and comedic in nature, yet sly and cunning with every word. Essentially, he sees life as a game, a joke he can laugh at at any opportunity he can. He will act on the orders of his "superiors" in order to get to his goal, but his naturally rebellious attitude will, at most times, aim him toward his own targets and less for the cause.

On the flip side, Shane's true nature is one of great negativity. He is a sadistic being who finds pleasure in using others to get what he wants, or just as a form of entertainment. He lives based on envy and greed and is entirely corrupted by them.

Black leather pants and black shoes, a silver wallet chain on both sides of the pants and a studded belt with a large silver skull belt buckle. A black hooded leather jacket is held over a black shirt with red lining. He wears a silver necklace around his neck, strange markings over it of an unknown origin. His most defining feature is the mask he wears upon his face. Pure black with a crimson X across it, two piercing white eyes the only other feature. While wearing the mask, his voice is warped.

Mechanic/Inventor: Known for his creative genius and ability, Shane is a mastermind of mechanical and technical workings. He is able to fashion effective machinary, especially vehicles and his favorite, Duel Runners.

Motorcycle / Duel Runner Operation: Through years and years of practice and driving, Shane has near supernatural ability when piloting a duel runner or motorcycle. He can ride on the thinest of trails, turn literally on a dime, and other unimaginable feats.

A former student of the original Duel Academy and a member of it's group of heroes, Shane lived a happy life of friends and adventure. Fighting for the side of good, he battled countless villain after villain, each victory making the world just that much safer to be in..........but it was never enough. Though his expertise and dueling ability made him one of the greatest members of the group, he would always be cursed to be overshadowed by other, more popular names. While he smiled and shrugged it off, on the inside resentment began to build. Resentment turned to hate, and hate to rage. Shane gave into the envy and greed, dawning a mask of his own design and hiding his identity as the masked duelist "X" and stealing from another student, Seth Drakemore, an artifact of great power: A necklace with the strange ability to manipulate one's thoughts, making them succumb to the wearer's will. Though he turned the academy to chaos and with it the lives of his former friends, he was defeated and cast off of the island.

One night, his mind clouded by his motives, Shane fell victim to a motorcycle crash which claimed his life. It was then when he was given the choice to be reborn again as a Dark Signer. Now reborn as an envoy of the darkness within, he redawns the mask of "X" and seeks out the former friends who stole from him is glory, specifically Seth Drakemore.

Special Powers:
Essential Dark Signer Powers

Mental Wave Manipulation: As the wearer of the Chain of Arcana, Shane can manipulate the minds of others, sending them into his own "world" where he controls everything. This can lead to simple voices in their head to full on illusionary events. With enough concentration one could see through the illusion, though it is a very difficult to do so.

Indoctrination: As the wearer of the Chain of Arcana, Shane can see into the very depths of ones mind, not in a manner of psychic reading, but in terms manipulation. By utilizing it's power, he can plant his own will into another, but only to a small degree. The further in control he become, the more energy he will spend.

Duel Disk - Style: The standard Dark Signer duel disk highlighted in a deep red.

Duel Runner: "The Crimson Death" A sleek black duel runner in a fusion style of American motorcycle position and japanese craft, red illumination running through the black armored pieces. A Red skull is painted on the front piece, paint trailing down it. Two pieces of bladed metal jaggedly jut from behind, giving the illusion of a torn robe or cloth.

Other Items:
Chain of Arcana

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Signer - "X"   Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:50 am

X's Custom Cards:

Citadel of Infestation
Field spell
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all monsters on the controller's side of the field are treated as "Steel Swarm" monsters. Once per turn, during the main phase, you may discard 1 card from your hand to Special Summon 1 "Steelswarm Infestation Token" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/300 ATK / 0 DEF) to your side of the field. "Steelswarm Infestation Tokens" cannot be used as Synchro Material.
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Dark Signer - "X"
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