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 Seth Drakemore

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PostSubject: Seth Drakemore   Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:11 am

Name: Seth Drakemore
Title: The Cyberworld Emperor

Age: Unknown (he stopped counting)
Gender: Male

Duelist Level: Legendary DA Duelist

Reputation: TBD

Criminal Marker:
Duelist Style: Solo

Home Town: Relatively unknown
Home Country: Assumed the United States of America
Current Residence: Neo Domino City


Personality: Better yet, what personality? Seth Drakemore has built up the reputation of being cold as a winter storm, yet his wrath contains the fury of thousand infernos. Seth never smiles, never shows any form of positive emotion, at times lacking all emotion what so ever. The only thing that rules Seth is his undying need of being the greatest Duelist in the world at any cost and he constantly fights a war with the Dueling World to make his "Destiny" come to pass.

Seth is a very quiet when need be, and stays to himself to the point of rudeness. He will not respond to conversations unless he sees fit, and refuses to live any other way. He is often compared in demeanor and appearance to the great Seto Kaiba, but some consider his potential to surpass even him.

Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i95.photobucket.com/albums/l153/MJ-Jo/ff13-vs.jpg
Seth stands about 6'1". He wears a long black leather trench coat that goes down to the bottom of his ankles with short sleeves. Underneath the unzipped coat he wears a white t-shirt. complimenting his other clothes, Seth wears baggy black pants that stop as soon as his black Combat boots begin. Similar black leather knuckle gloves are worn on both of his hands, as well as three silver chains around his neck, each one a bit longer than the one before. Seth's left ear is pierced with a Silver Skull, his bottom lip on the right hand side with a silver ring that clutches to the lip itself.

Talents: Seth is unrivaled in his ability to read others' Body Language and Facial Expressions. Outside of dueling, he can predict when others are in disarray and feed off of their emotions for his gain, and in dueling, Seth can pick up on his opponent's nerves, knowing when he has won the duel mentally. on the opposite spectrum, seth is near impossible to read. His lack of emotion makes his every face a "Poker Face" for lack of a better term, as if he were wearing a mask. Seth studies the dark arts, and while he is not powerful enough on his own to control them, has a vast knowledge of Dark rituals and signs of Dark energy.

The heir of the world famous dueling company "The Drakemore Syndicate", Seth inherited a vast fortune at the time of his Father's passing. This is all that is known about his past. While his back story is shrouded with mystery, his time at the Duel Academy is not. Formerly ranked #1 in the world, Seth can easily say he is one of the greatest duelists of his time. He has formed bonds with his former classmates, especially his heated rivalry with his opposite spectrum, Darren Mujo.

Special Powers:
The Ring of Arcana: A ring of Sapphire worn on the right hand of Drakemore. It is a Symbiotic item of Wicked Power, limiting Seth to it's use. When used, in exchange for Life Force from the host (whoever wears it), the ring grants "Arcane Energy", an advanced form of Duel Energy, giving the host a magical Nitro Boost , enhancing his/her Dueling Ability by a vast amount. This energy holds a hue of blue and black, resembles electricity, and turns the user's eyes a cold White.

Duel Spirit / Energy Sight: Has the ability to sense and see duel spirits and energy, but has yet to have a spirit partner of his own.

Duel Disk - Style: Declared "Death's Wing", Seth's Duel Disk depicts a black Angel Wing, folded tight until activated, opening outward and up Seth's arm upon Activation. The base of the Disk is very similar to the Orichalcos Duel Disk, but black, the runes in a circle on the outside a burning Sapphire color.

Duel Runner: "The Chariot" is a black Runner that resembles more of a motorcycle than a Duel Runner. A Piece on the front wheel well is crafted to resemble a black Horse's head, the lights on the Runner set in the red eyes of the horse head. The back end of the runner is a bit more heavy-armored than the front, the wheel wider and thicker as well. On the top portion of the back end the logo of "The Drakemore Syndicate", also known as the Seal of Arcana, is placed in silver paint. Seth's helmet when he rides is very similar to a futuristic take on a black Knight's helmet.

Other Items:
Sunglasses (Black) x1
Black-Painted Steel Deck Box x1
Black touch-Screen Cellphone
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Seth Drakemore
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