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 Shuho Kazeyama

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PostSubject: Shuho Kazeyama   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:46 am

Name: Shuho Kazeyama
Nickname: Shu
Title: Daybreak Duelist

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: King

Duelist Level:

Reputation: Professional

Criminal Marker:
Duelist Style: Solo/Turbo

Home Town: Neo/New Domino
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: Satellite

Kizai Kukuo Milton: Friend/Mechanic
Zeiya Hasaki: Friend/Rival

Personality: Shuho is cocky and very sure of himself. A sarcastic kind of duelist who thinks he's great and talks big. Despite that, he's true to his friends and very determined. He's also very smart in terms of card strategy for reasons even he does not know. He dreams of being the number 1 Turbo Duelist.


Short, black hair. Slight green highlaights. His eyes are purple, dark. He usually wears green but sometimes wears a normal white shirt and jeans.

Talents: Fist Fighting, Dueling

History: Shho grew up in Neo/New Domino City with a pretty average life. One day, his parents got in trouble with Sector Security. They claimed that Shuho's father had stolen Duel Monsters cards. Even though he denied it, Shuho's father was branded a criminal and he was sent to Satellite. Shuho, loving his father, snuck abord and went with him. All this happened when he was at the age of 10.

After that,Shuho semt the last 8 years in Satellite, picking up Dark and Light Attribute cards that were discarded by others and branded useless. When he was young, he always saw the Turbo Duelists on television, dreaming to be the best of them all. Those dreams have not yet died. When Neo/New Domino City and Satellite connected, Shuho took it upon himself to get a permit to ride a Duel Runner.

Special Powers: Spirit Duelist (The ability to communicate with his Duel Spirit partner. (Light and Darkness Dragon.)

Duel Disk - Style: Standard issue duel disk. Black with white and yellow as well. It appears to be self painted.

Duel Runner: A Standard Duel Runner, painted Black and White, redesigned by Kizai, Shuho's friend.

Other Items:
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PostSubject: Re: Shuho Kazeyama   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:53 am

Shuho's Deck

Shuho is known for using cards of LIGHT and DARK attribute. His deck is in Satellite was composed of rejected cards Duelists deemed useless. This lead to consistancy problems that led to some defeats. Now, in Neo Domino City, Shuho has been able to pick and choose his cards and dueling style to best suit him.

Shuho's deck style can be best titled as Necro Twilight. The main focus in terms of the Monsters is the LIGHT and DARK attributes, but the effects mainly focus on Graveyard Activations and resurrection. Most cards he currently uses revolve around this strategy. He also uses cards like Power Wall, Destruction of Destiny, and others to add cards from his deck to the graveyard to add speed and power to his strategies. This runs him the risk of decking out in long battles, but it also provides him faster access to some of his strongest cards from within the graveyard.

Card List: (A List of cards Shuho has used so far)

Shining Angel
Herald of Orange Light
Defense Draw
One For One
Light End Dragon
Dark End Dragon
Armory Arm
Pitch Black Werewolf
Destruction of Destiny
Power Wall
Necro Gardna
Lightning Vortex
Chaos End Master
Dark Resonator
Sphere of Chaos
Hyper Synchron
Skill Successor
Magic Jammer
Light and Darkness Dragon (Ace Monster)
Kuraz the Light Monarch
Light-Dark Revival
Revival Gift
Remove Brainwashing
Fighting Spirits
Rope of Life
Ryko - Lightsworn Hunter
Trap Stun
Rise To Rivalery
Birth By Sleep
Mataza the Zapper
Gift of the Martyr
Synchro Change

Turbo Duel Exclusives:
Speed Spell - Pot of Avarice
Speed Spell - Power Baton
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Shuho Kazeyama
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