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 Darren ~The Legendary Hero~

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PostSubject: Darren ~The Legendary Hero~   Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:48 am

Name: Darren
Nickname: Mr. Hero (Due to his nature and how he acts.)
Title: Team Satisfaction Member

Age: 29?
Gender: Male

Duelist Level: Legendary DA Student

Reputation: (Given by a mod or admin. Earned through storylines)

Criminal Marker: None (Surprisingly)
Duelist Style: Ground Duelist

Home Town: Ashton
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: New Domino City

Shuho Kazeyama :Mentor
Yusei Fudo: Former Friend/teammate
Jack Atlus: Former friend/teammate

Personality: Darren has a kind heart and always looks after the well being of others before himself. He presents himself as a kind of hero to take the pressure off of those around him and tries to take on all challenges with a joke and a smile. He is very sarcastic in nature and some people find it hard to deal with his almost cocky attitude, but others see him as a strong willed and inspiring duelist to look up to.

Appearance: Darren has brown hair, spiky with a red bandana-like cloth tied to his head. He wears the original Team Satisfaction outfit of a sleeveless brown jacket and a red shirt underneath. His pants are torn blue jeans and his eyes are red in color.

Talents: Dueling, ???

History: Darren Mujo was a member of the original Duel Academy in his youth. He was always a special duelist with a great gift to not only play Duel Monsters, but to open hearts with the game. He fought many battles and made many friends before disappearing completely without a trace or a word. Much time has past since then, and almost no one from that time would be around to know him or anything of what he had done then, but he keeps his past battles as a reminder of what he can and cannot do as a duelist and a person.

Much time later, through unknown means, Darren met Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlus, helping to create Team Satisfaction, the most powerful Duelist Gang known to the Satellite Sector. Darren wanted to use his power as a duelist to help people, and he wanted to start by driving away the dueling gangs so similar to the ones of his own time and hometown. Despite ridding himself of those memories and even his last name, he still does not wish for anyone to go through what he had to go through during those times.

After the disbanding of Team Satisfaction, Darren met Shuho Kazeyama, a young boy who wanted to use Duel Monster to avenge his family's misfortunes. Darren taught the boy that Duel Monsters truly speak best to those who don't use them in anger, and that dueling is always meant to be fin and enjoyed no matter what. He also taught Shuho the responsibility of Dueling and many other values Shuho now has. Upon them parting ways, Darren passed his Light End Dragon onto Shuho, though how HE got that card is a mystery.

Special Powers: Spirit Duelist- The ability to communicate with and call to reality a Duel Monster's Spirit (Elemental Hero Neos)

Duel Disk - Style: Standard Mass Production Duel Disk of the 5Ds world.

Duel Runner: None...

Other Items: None Known
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Darren ~The Legendary Hero~
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