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 Zeiya Hisaki

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PostSubject: Zeiya Hisaki   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:08 pm

Name: Zeiya Hisaki
Nickname: None
Title: The Unlucky Thief

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rank: Celebrity Duelist

Duelist Level: Novice

Reputation: Professional

Criminal Marker: (I'll create it later)
Duelist Style: Solo/Turbo

Home Town: Satellite
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: Satellite

Shuho - Friend
Kai - Friend
Yusei - Friend
Seiki - Close Friend
Trudge - ...Sludge

Personality: Zeiya is outgoing and childish, despite her age. At the same time, she's the more gullible of the group as well as being too kind and trusting. She used to have a rather short temper and such, but after meeting Shuho, Kai, and Yusei, that trait of her she picked up through stealing from others slowly disappeared.


Talents: She's a master when it comes to stealing, but she only steals parts, metal junk, and all that good stuff. Never has she taken one's cards or duel runner (if they own one). Her agile form allows her to move around with ease and she's pretty strong. She knows how to pick most locks and tries to learn how to make a Duel Runner. She, unfortunately, has a knack of being in the worse possible situations.


For as long as she can remember, Zeiya has always been in Satellite. She doesn’t remember having parents. Like other poor children, she had to fend for herself. She was very weak so she couldn’t carry heavy items, so instead she started to steal food. As she grew, she got stronger, faster, and was able to read, speak, write, and understand both English and Japanese by stealing books. It was really hard for her to understand at first, but she made some friends with older kids when she was 8. At around 11 years old, she met Seiki after an attempt to hide from a group of people she stole from. From then on, Seiki was her best friend and like an older sister to her. She kept on stealing from those who stole from others before eventually making her own runner.

Special Powers: Unknown

Duel Disk - Style: Regular normal Duel Disk. It is entirely colored in different shades of blue.

Duel Runner: A simple blue runner with an Alpha frame.

Other Items:
- Pouch
- Grappling Hook
- Deck
- Extra cards
- Small metal sticks used to open locks
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Zeiya Hisaki
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