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 Seiki - Psychic Duelist

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PostSubject: Seiki - Psychic Duelist   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:16 pm

Name: Seiki
Nickname: N/A
Title: N/A

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A

Duelist Level: N/A

Reputation: N/A

Criminal Marker: none

Duelist Style: Solo/Team/Turbo

Home Town: Neo Domino
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: Sattelite

Zeiya - Friend/Little Sister
Shuho - Annoying pest (friend)
Kai - Perverted idiot (friend)
Kazu - Idiot
Trudge - Mutual Respect

Personality: She's always acting like a lone wolf, not really caring what's happening to others. She prefers to not attract attention or get in any trouble in any way for multiple reasons. Being with Zeiya and the others has soften her up, though.

Appearance: *will add later*


Mechanic - Despite her saying she's never dueled or used a Duel Runner, she is one of the best mechanics in Satellite Standards. No matter how fucked up the equipment is, she'll find a way to fix it (even if it means using brute force)

History: All that is known is that she came from Neo Domino. Due to her powers, she says, she forced herself to go to Satellite to seclude herself from the world. It was only about four years later she met Zeiya and the others. (More will be revealed in storylines)

Special Powers:

Psychic Duelist - Like Aki Izayori, Seiki is a Psychic Duelist. They are one of the many duelists blessed (or cursed) with the ability to bring Duel Monster cards to life. Seiki's power isn't so powerful that she needs something to restraint herself like Aki, but there are a few cards she can't control.

Duel Disk - Style: N/A

Duel Runner: She has a picture of her in her bag with a simple duel runner, but nothing more.

Other Items: Bag (has a lot of crap in it)
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Seiki - Psychic Duelist
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