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DXO: Reboot Edition
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    Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:25 am
    Message by xShanex - Deck
    Here you go, the deck list AND key cards / strategies. Hope you like, Ne's will be up soon Very Happy

    Ko's Deck:
    Miracle Jurassic Egg
    Jurrac Aeolo x2
    Jurrac Brachis
    Jurrac Deino
    Jurrac Garim x2
    Jurrac Guaiba x2
    Jurrac Hera
    Jurrac Igaunon x2
    Jurrac Monoloph
    Jurrac Protops
    Jurrac Spinos
    Jurrac Stauriko
    Jurrac Titano
    Jurrac Tyrannus
    Jurrac Velo x2

    Fossil Dig x2
    Big Evolution Pill
    Book of Moon
    United We Stand
    One for One
    Nobleman of Extermination
    Monster Reborn
    Hand Destruction

    Defender's Intersect
    Ultimate Offering
    Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai x2
    Half Counter
    Dimensional Prison
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Seismic Shockwave
    Negate Attack
    Magic Jammer

    Jurrac Giganoto
    Jurrac Meteor
    Jurrac Velphito

    Side Deck(just in case cards):
    Jurassic World
    Volcanic Eruption
    Tail Swipe
    Royal Decree
    Jurrac Ptera
    Survival Instinct
    Tyranno Infinity
    Hunting Instinct

    Key Cards / Moves:
    The deck seems to focus on gaining ATK power along with Tributing other Dinosaur-Type monsters to activate their effects.

    ■"Jurrac Giganoto": This is one of the best cards that the Jurracs have. He can easily be summoned; simply using the effect of Jurrac Guaiba to special summon Jurrac Deino or Jurrac Monoloph will do. Giganoto's effect raises the ATK of all of your Jurracs by 200 for each Jurrac in your graveyard, and summoning the synchro usually means that your monsters will have a minimum boost of 400. However, because Jurrac Guaiba makes it very easy to synchro summon monsters, thanks to the fact that he can special summon Tuners from the deck, you can easily get two Giganoto cards onto the field. Then, their ATK boosts will stack, and you will likely have a combined boost of 1600 ATK. This is great for ending games quickly.

    ■"Jurrac Titano" and "Jurrac Tyrannus": Both of these are two-tribute monsters. Titan's effect can easily boost him to 4000 ATK, and he avoids targeting by traps and effect monsters. Meanwhile, Tyrannus can quickly and permanently boost his own ATK. However, he is sometimes better to not summon these monsters, as they require the loss of field presence. iIt is usually better to keep two low-level beatsticks on the field than to summon either of these unless you use Big Evolution Pill so you don't have to tribute for them.

    ■"Fossil Dig": As mentioned, it can search every monster in the Jurrac archetype, except for three: "Spinos", "Tyrannus", and "Titano".

    ■"One for One": It allows an easy search of "Jurrac Aeolo", and quick revival of any Jurrac in the graveyard.

    ■"Book of Moon": Can block an attack, stop a synchro summon, and force monsters to their (usually) more vulnerable defense position. Quite useful.

    ■"Nobleman of Extermination": Deal with pesky face-down trap cards like "Mirror Force", "Dimensional Prison", and "Bottomless Trap Hole" that would threaten your field presence. In fact, you can get rid of all of them at once, so your opponent has that many less ways to deal with your attacks.

    ■"Fossil Excavation": Special summon a Dino from your graveyard. Obviously run "Call of the Haunted" and "Monster Reborn" before you use this, because Excavation requires a discard from the hand and negates the effect of the summoned monster (monsters with effects that activate in the grave are fine though, like "Jurrac Velo" and "Jurrac Stauriko"); or you can also discard a high level jurrac like Jurrac Spinos or Jurrac Tyrannus and special summon it from the graveyard.

    VERY POWERFUL MOVE ■"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai": Deal 1700+ damage to your opponent, and easily too. It can be a quick finisher. You can also use it on Jurrac Herra to burn your opponent for 2300, then with Herra in the grave you can get it back later. Another use is to place Jurrac Velo in attack mode, if your opponent tries to destroy it with an effect you can chain it to this and burn them, if they don't use a card effect then you are still going to get another monster.

    VERY POWERFUL MOVE ■"Big Evolution Pill" will bring out the big guns in a dino deck, but loss of field present it seems like its not worth it. Comboed with Ultimate Offering you bring more then just one high level beatsticks but also the cost of geting the big guns is only 500. Also to get your opponent off guard Ultimate Offering's effect can also be used during your opponents battle phase just summon a high level beatstick to stop your opponents dead in their tracks

    ■"Hand Destruction" is a draw card that can be used in this Deck, to put Jurracs in the Graveyard to fuel effects like "Jurrac Aeolo" or "Jurrac Giganoto". "Pot of Avarice" can also be sided.

    ■"Defender's Intersect" can force opponent's monsters from Defense position become Attack position. Some of popular cards such as "Snowman Eater", "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter" or any other flip effect monsters that can be troublesome's effects are negated, also since some of flip monsters have low Attack it's a good chance to deal a blow to your opponent.

    Reference for extra Help: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Jurracs
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